Professional headshot of Matthew Ventre.

Matthew R. Ventre

Design is about results.

I've been designing data-intensive, highly transactional digital products for nearly a decade. I've been coding and crafting things on the Internet in one form or another for twice that.

In that time: I built the internal teams at Raymour & Flanigan a two-step inventory process and cut the turnaround time from two weeks to two days; I've helped students at NYU sign up for Summer and Winter sessions with greater ease; I delivered a dynamic web ad processing system that gave account managers their nights back; I helped my colleagues do better collaborative research with Reframer; I've shown investor relations professionals that there's a smarter way to build relationships with their shareholders using Nasdaq's IR Insight suite; I've helped companies grow design teams from four people up to a force of thirty; I've worked with firms to build in new processes through workshops and seminars.

I didn't do any of this alone.

It took a team of people with a shared vision and a desire to see their business grow and flourish. It inspired an eagerness to understand the company, their customers, their goals, and their history. It demanded exploration, experimentation, validation, and iteration. If this sounds like you and the kind of people you work with, then we need to talk.

I make other stuff, too.

I make doughnuts, dinner, and drinks and I like to tell people about it on twitter. Sometimes I complain about the subway or mutter about underground metal or goof off with my friends.

I make [and play a whole lot of] games. Right now, I'm creating a mobile game called Meet Me on Mars with this other sharp fellow and a tabletop card game called Fortune Valley.

I've been writing about design and games over on Medium, too. It makes more sense than redesigning my personal blog every two years.

Like I said, we should get in touch. When you're ready, I'm at matt [at] matthewventre [dot] com. Let's make something pretty awesome together.

Mmmmmm. Doughnut.