Matthew R. Ventre

Turn it back up!

Please, call me Matt.

I grew up creating (music, art, writing), fell in love with HTML, and learned the significance of designing for peoples' sake, not technology.

Today, I practice and preach a brand of focused, research-based, empathy-driven design.

I create interactive experiences—typically digital in nature—with the conviction that understanding what makes both the end-user and the business tick is critical to a project's success. Employing my catalog of constantly-honed tools and techniques, I've worked with several organizations, individuals, and small businesses to focus their digital products, elevate their brands, enrich the lives of their audiences, and grow their bottom lines.

Tell me things.

If you want to say hello, line up a speaking engagement, or debate the finer points of jelly-filled pastries, use the following channels:

matt at matthewventre dot com


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