Design Services

I specialize in navigating the tricky waters of user experience and digital product design with an emphasisis on a solid foundation of understanding. It's upon this strong and critical foundation that the design is built. While the following is a comprehensive list of ways I can help you design a better product, I recognize there is no one-size-fits-all method for every team and organization. It's my pleasure to work with your group to define the steps necessary for your success or jump in and execute just one part of the process.

Project Planning and Strategy

I work with your team and organization to facilitate project planning, prioritization, and vision setting exercises in order to get the process started on the right path. We create a roadmap from the get-go that allows us to maintain our trajectory and also strategically deviate where necessary.

How this makes your product better: Without clarity of vision, it's easy to stumble out of the gate and get caught chasing the wrong goals. Your success depends upon maintaining a dedication to the goals you share with your team and management alike.

Design Research and Synthesis

I spend time learning and helping your team build knowledge in the three areas of product understanding: customers (users), technological constraints, and the goals of the business. Without these in place, you don't have a product.

How this makes your product better: Producing a high caliber product requires knowing all of the intricacies and nuances of a business and its relationship with its customers. Define the right problems early and build knowledge that helps you solve them exquisitely.

Generative Design Facilitation

We gather all the key players in your organization and put them in a room together, hand them pens and paper, and set them loose on creating concepts that solve your product's problems and build on its strengths. Challenging? Definitely. Worth it? Always.

How this makes your product better: Designing a world-class product doesn't have to be a mystery. We pull back the curtain and get your stakeholders and subject matter experts involved in contributing to the design. Your entire organization depends on the success of the product. They should play a role in creating it, too.

Prototyping and Development

This is where all of our planning comes to fruition. We build our ideas and bring them to life. We test them with your customers. We use them to communicate the vision with leadership. We discuss feasibility and integrity with your development team. We tear them apart, iterate, and improve them rapidly until we have the solution you're ready to send to market.

How this makes your product better: Nobody gets it right the first time. We refine our output constantly as our understanding of the problem matures. Design the product in living color and you unlock the power to communicate its value to leadership while gauging its utility to your customers.

Quantitative Analysis and Learning

If we build it, and we've measured it, we should learn from all of the data that your customers and business provide. We'll hone in on the metrics that best judge the success of your product before and after launch. We'll craft playbooks and future-facing roadmaps that keep your next round of design and development on point.

How this makes your product better: Once you unlock the power of robust analytics, you'll find that your understanding of your product's potential increases substantially. You can start asking better questions and we'll help develop the tools for uncovering the answers.

Design Education

If you are looking for someone to come in and work with your team to quickly improve your process or inspire new design thinking, I also run workshops or give talks tailored toward your specific needs.


I run a part-day, day-long, or multi-day workshop where we roll up our sleeves and dig in to product and user experience design exercises geared toward exposing your team to new methods and giving them an opportunity to learn and grow in a safe but challenging environment. Some workshops I've given in the past:


I've given talks on all manner of experience and product design-related topics and my goal is to make sure your audience comes away with new ideas, questions, and resources to improve their product and user experience design career. If you attended a talk I've given in the past, I would love to bring that content to your team or I'm happy to work with you to create a bespoke program that will captivate your crowd.

We should get in touch. When you're ready, find me at the following:

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