Who I Am and What I Do

You can learn a lot in 16 years in the user experience and product design industry building with clients ranging from day 0 startups to Fortune 50 stalwarts. You learn what makes a product a top 1% offering vs. a has-been, no-name, also-ran.

I'm here to launch you into the upper echelon of product success.

I've Been There When Things Got Real

Blown deadlines, crippling code bugs, fuming executives, flip-flopping founders, pissed-off product owners, burned-out developers, and diva designers.

If you can imagine a product team problem, I've been there when we needed a solution (like, yesterday).

I've had the pleasure of driving massive UX teams; other times I've been a happy little cog in the giant design machine or a dauntless developer on the front-lines. I've lived the process from barstool brainstorm to Wall Street IPO.

I play the entire product orchestra.

And, I want to be on your team.

What We'll Work On

Most clients come to me with challenges that fall into the following categories.

  • Identify High Value Opportunities
  • Prioritize Production and Planning
  • Fine-Tune Customer (CX) and User Experience (UX)
  • Eliminate Waste and Trim the Excesses
  • Generate Excitement and Momentum

Identify High-Value Opportunities

Learning is the key to success. We score the gold by learning about your industry, audience, and offering with platform experience audits, stakeholder research, and marketplace analysis.

Proritize Production and Planning

The map is not the territory. We crystallize the future with customer journey maps, enterprise strategy briefs, and roadmap development.

Fine-Tune Customer and User Experience

Happy users stay put. We serve delicious experiences with direct customer research, focused CX audits, and stakeholder design education.

Eliminate Waste and Trim Excesses

Unlock your product's wildest potential. We drop the baggage by rebuilding teams to focus on strengths, cut features with merciless poise, and institute repeatable CX and UX processes.

Generate Excitement and Momentum

Energy is contagious. We find your fire with customized workshop facilitation, design thinking education, and story-driven product positioning.

Navigate the Marketplace

Your competition never rests, neither should you. We nail the sell with market research, competitive analysis, and persuasion-focused branding.

Your Success is More than the Sum of Your Deliverables

Will you need a journey map or an experience audit or a workshop or a...?

I don't know. Yet.

It depends on which opportunities we identify and the unique combination of your team, your business, and your audience. Your founders may devour words on a page but barf at pictures on a screen. Your customers may need a 20 minute bitch-session to pitch their woes instead of 2-hour clinical sit-down. Your team may scream for a 3-day off-site instead of yet-another-boring-brown-bagger.

We'll build the right features, at the right time, using authentic customer input and an unstoppable team. Whether it's growth, market share, a funding pitch, or an exit, your solution will be yours and yours alone: exclusively tailored to the needs of your business and customers.

Translation: leave your preconceptions at the door and show up with aggressive expectations about your company's stellar future.